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US-7293396-B1: Method of connecting a top to a container patent, US-7387308-B2: Single wheel trailer and stabilizing hitch patent, US-7597149-B2: Safety valve with extension springs patent, US-7708148-B2: Freeze resistant water filter patent, US-7907241-B2: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-7967758-B2: Devices and methods for detecting and treating inadequate tissue perfusion patent, US-8250254-B2: Offloading input/output (I/O) virtualization operations to a processor patent, US-8417198-B1: Selection of closed-loop/open-loop power control in user equipment patent, US-8502735-B1: Antenna system with integrated circuit package integrated radiators patent, US-6935313-B2: System and method for diagnosing and calibrating internal combustion engines patent, US-7053000-B2: System, method and apparatus for constant voltage control of RF generator for optimum operation patent, US-7585023-B2: Support structure for roof reinforcement patent, US-8360830-B2: Grinding lamella and grinding wheel holding same patent, US-7050635-B2: Multi-dimensional pattern recognition by use of digital holography patent, US-7415541-B2: Method and system for virtual powerline local area networks patent, US-7574807-B1: Internal pipe cutter patent, US-7584851-B2: Container for disk drives patent, US-7888758-B2: Method of forming a permanent carrier and spacer wafer for wafer level optics and associated structure patent, US-7522797-B2: Method and apparatus for fiberscope patent, US-8110826-B2: Organic EL display device patent, US-7903633-B2: Method and apparatus for time-aligning transmissions from multiple base stations in a CDMA communication system patent, US-8045312-B2: Devices and system for electrostatic discharge suppression patent, US-8434862-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-7230702-B2: Monitoring of smart pin transition timing patent, US-7806333-B1: Tracking RFID tags with overlapping antennas patent, US-6910132-B1: Secure system and method for accessing files in computers using fingerprints patent, US-7369144-B2: Method and device for correcting the rotation of a video display patent, US-7754317-B2: Weather-resistant film for the yellow coloration of retro-reflective moulded bodies patent, US-8103061-B2: Method and apparatus for identifying facial regions patent, US-8417499-B2: Enabling real-time testing of on-demand infrastructure to predict service level agreement compliance patent, US-6921418-B2: Dual-sided, texturized biocompatible structure patent, US-7133936-B2: Ring network and data transmitter patent, US-8151129-B2: Computer with low-power secondary processor and secondary display patent, US-8166885-B2: Suspended cable amusement ride patent, US-6967598-B2: Reduced complexity multi-turbo multi-user detector patent, US-7152906-B1: Quick change window assembly patent, US-8094049-B2: Digital signal coding method and apparatus, digital signal decoding apparatus, digital signal arithmetic coding method and digital signal arithmetic decoding method patent, US-8455601-B2: Polyolefin film patent, US-8243681-B2: Methods and apparatus for broadcast optimization in mobile IP patent, US-8303992-B2: Dried formulations of nanoparticle-coated capsules patent, US-8454027-B2: Adjustable thermal contact between an electrostatic chuck and a hot edge ring by clocking a coupling ring patent, US-8053793-B2: III-nitride semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-6897044-B1: Production of tetravalent antibodies patent, US-7639196-B2: Cellular antenna and systems and methods therefor patent, US-8375284-B2: Document processing system, information processing unit, display medium, computer readable medium, document processing method, and computer data signal patent, US-8573552-B2: Cup holder assembly having a pair of lids and a single release button patent, US-7803855-B2: Wood composites, methods of production, and methods of manufacture thereof patent, US-8254000-B2: Matching printer custom target colors using in-line spectrophotometer patent, US-8373841-B2: Shared isolated gas cooling system for oppositely facing electronic displays patent, US-7475986-B2: Compound modulation transfer function for laser surgery and other optical applications patent, US-7882301-B2: Wear leveling in storage devices based on flash memories and related circuit, system, and method patent, US-8091636-B2: Method for increasing the recovery of hydrocarbons patent, US-8324632-B2: Semiconductor light emitting device, light emitting module, lighting apparatus, display element and manufacturing method of semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-8546119-B2: Perhydrolase variant providing improved specific activity patent, US-7982718-B2: Mobile terminal with back-lighted directional keys patent, US-8114262-B2: Thickness distribution control for electroplating patent, US-8242486-B2: Semiconductor device with liquid repellant layer patent, US-8437700-B2: Protocol reference model, security and inter-operability in a cognitive communications system patent, US-7168567-B2: Inflatable packaging system patent, US-7321443-B2: Print device and program product for supporting print by reference methods patent, US-7535281-B2: Reduced time constant charge pump and method for charging a capacitive load patent, US-8389575-B2: Control of enzymatic peracid generation patent, US-7222458-B2: Actuator for a tilt-latch for a sash window patent, US-7579430-B2: Polymeric material made from siloxane-acetylene polymer containing metal-acetylene complex patent, US-7355897-B2: Methods to resolve hard-to-erase condition in charge trapping non-volatile memory patent, US-7676448-B2: Controlling installation update behaviors on a client computer patent, US-8361385-B2: Modular assay plates, reader systems and methods for test measurements patent, US-6964340-B2: Retractable hardtop with articulating center panel patent, US-8063958-B2: Solid state image pickup device with first and second photoelectric conversion regions and carrier accumulating units connected in parallel to each input portion of plural amplifying units patent, US-8357221-B2: Slow-release fertilizer and method of making and using same patent, US-7164961-B2: Modified photolithography movement system patent, US-7658914-B2: Colon cleansing compositions patent, US-7389134-B1: Trans-septal intra-cardiac lead system patent, US-7458921-B2: Hand weight with strap patent, US-6996540-B1: Systems for switch auctions utilizing risk position portfolios of a plurality of traders patent, US-7240500-B2: Dynamic fluid sprayjet delivery system patent, US-7485444-B2: Methods for producing sulphurous fine chemicals by fermentation using metH-coding cornyeform bacteria patent, US-7692045-B2: Method for purifying and concentrating dinitrogen monoxide patent, US-7841207-B2: Container with cover and closure member patent, US-7753731-B2: High speed, high density electrical connector patent, US-7818947-B2: Automatic medicine packing machine with cleaning device patent, US-8098231-B2: Portable device with versatile keyboard patent, US-8136779-B2: Mounting arrangement for a pressurized irrigation system patent, US-7949930-B2: Information recording medium, data sorting device and data reproduction device patent, US-7334154-B2: Efficient changing of replica sets in distributed fault-tolerant computing system patent, US-7419254-B1: Ink cartridges patent, US-8360202-B1: Personnel extraction system patent, US-8090776-B2: Dynamic content change notification patent, US-7051322-B2: Software analysis framework patent, US-7169123-B2: Control of pulse duty cycle based upon footswitch displacement patent, US-8507653-B2: Factor IX moiety-polymer conjugates having a releasable linkage patent, US-8120672-B2: Digital camera for recording a still image while shooting a moving image patent, US-8596004-B2: Water-resistive barrier, and exterior wall or roof assembly patent, US-8607283-B2: Systems, methods and computer readable media for instant multi-channel video content browsing in digital video distribution systems patent, US-7354495-B2: Method of making a water treatment composite pressure vessel patent, US-7883728-B2: Composition to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin patent, US-8573101-B2: Method and device for guiding a saw blade patent, US-6946733-B2: Ball grid array package having testing capability after mounting patent, US-8318973-B2: Functionalized sinapic acid and methyl sinapate patent, US-7330951-B2: Apparatus and method for pipelined memory operations patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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