Capture de donnees optiques de donnees d'exercice dans le but de calculer un score de sante

Optical data capture of exercise data in furtherance of a health score computation


A computer implemented method for managing health-related data captures an image from a display of an exercise machine using a camera, has the images processed to extract the text data from the captured images, and analyzes the text data to identify information relating to extrinsic physical activity performed by a person at the exercise machine. The results are stored in memory and a profile specific to the person is updated. The profile comprises a log of past exercise activity that allows the person to track his or her activity and progress and overall health. The profile can be accessed by the person through a portal such as using a smart phone or a computer program or web browser. The results can be combined with other data to arrive at a health score which can be published through the portal while personal data remains masked from public inspection.




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