Jeu en ligne avec des donnees du monde reel

Online gaming with real-world data


An online gaming apparatus integrates sensory data and/or gameplay data from a real-world environment, incorporating playback of a recorded instance of a card game, wherein the online game may be delayed or in real-time. Data from a live card game are recorded for delayed playback or streamed live, and a remote player accesses the game online and participates. The remote player may play in the online game at the position/seat occupied by one or more of the original, realworld players. The remote player will receive cards as they were dealt to the original, real-world player that occupied the same position/seat in the original, real-world game. The remote player may able to make strategic decisions during gameplay that differ from those of the original, real-world player, wherein such strategic decisions may affect the outcome of the game for that player. The gaming area may be a casino.




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