Detection and classification of process flaws using fuzzy logic

Detection et classification de defauts de processus au moyen de logique floue


A fuzzy logic controller for a distributed control system that monitors a large electrical machine in order to detect and identify faults. Variables to be monitored by the fuzzy logic controller include oil pressure, oil temperature, and other critical variables that are used under classical logic to trip the electrical machine offline. After the input and output membership functions are identified, and a rule set is defined, the fuzzy logic controller fuzzifies the monitored variables to the input membership functions, determines an antecedent truth value, and implicates the antecedent truth value onto the output membership function, establishing a fuzzy output set. Where multiple output fuzzy sets are to be combined, they are amalgamated. The output fuzzy set or amalgamated combined output fuzzy set is then converted to a crisp value.




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