Pressure-sensitive adhesive film

Film adhesif


Provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive film suitable for an application involving cutting with a short-wavelength laser having a center wavelength of 1.0 µm to 1.1 µm. A pressure-sensitive adhesive film 1 according to the present invention comprises a resin film 10 as a substrate, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer 20 provided at least on a first face of resin film 10. Substrate 10 has a laser beam absorbance of 20 % or higher in a wavelength range of 1000 nm to 1100 nm, and comprises a laser beam-absorbing layer 42 comprising a laser beam-absorbing agent 402 that increases the laser beam absorbance. As laser beam-absorbing agent 402, at least one species selected from a metal powder and a metallic compound powder can be preferably used.




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