E-tree utilisant deux pseudo circuits entre des routeurs de peripherie avec transfert ameliore, et procedes et systemes associes

E-tree using two pseudowires between edge routers with enhanced forwarding methods and systems


An e-tree service that includes establishing two pseudowires (PW) between edge network elements with enhanced packet forwarding is described. In one embodiment, a root PW is used for carrying packets that are sent from a root node network element, and a leaf PW is used for carrying packets that are sent from a leaf node network element in the e-tree service network. When a network element receives a packet with a destination Media Access Control (MAC) address on the logical port associated with the leaf access circuit (AC), responsive to determining that the destination MAC address corresponds to a MAC address in a MAC address table stored in the network element, and that an attribute associated with that MAC address in the MAC address table indicates the MAC address was learned from the leaf PW, the network element drops the packet.




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