Handheld bidet

Bidet portatif


An ergonomically designed hygienic sprayer or bidet apparatus for use with pre-existing fixtures. The sprayer includes an angled portion with a sprayer head disposed on an underside of the angled portion, resulting in a flow of water from the sprayer head that is substantially between 30° and 60° relative to a longitudinal axis of a body portion of the sprayer. The sprayer also includes an actuator located on the same side of the sprayer as the sprayer head and slip-resistance surfaces. An optional mounting base for securely holding a hygienic sprayer in a manner that may disguise its presence or be more aesthetically pleasing. The mounting base is substantially the same size as the hygienic sprayer. The mounting base may be mounted or secured to multiple types of surfaces near the fixture with which the hygienic sprayer is used.




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