Ameliorations apportees ou associees a un emballage

Improvements in or relating to packaging


A container comprised of semi-rigid sheet material having a tubular main body and a gable-form part closing said body at one end thereof, the gable-form part comprising an outermost sealing fin, first and second diverging walls diverging inwardly from said fin relative to each other and whereof at least the first wall has complementarily curved inner and outer surfaces, first and second gable end walls each extending from the first to the second of the diverging walls and each having at least an upper part which is of substantially triangular outline as seen in end elevation, with an edge thereof at the inside surface of said first wall being curved and closely following the shape of that inside surface. Advantageously, the gable end walls further comprise a lower line of weakness extending substantially across the width of the gable end walls and forming a lower part of the gable-form part, wherein the lower line of weakness is downwardly bowed.




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