Systemes et procedes de synchronisation temporelle d'ied par liaison radio

Systems and methods for time synchronization of ieds via radio link


The present disclosure provides systems and methods for synchronizing the time signals of master and remote lEDs using a radio link. According to one embodiment, a master lED may transmit an adjusted time signal to a remote lED via a radio signal. The master lED may determine a propagation delay between the master lED and a remote lED. The master lED may then adjust a master time signal by the propagation delay and transmit the adjusted time signal to the remote lED. Alternatively, a remote lED may request and receive a master time signal from a master lED via a radio signal. The remote lED may then determine the propagation delay and adjust the received master time signal accordingly. According to various embodiments, the time signal of a master and remote lED may be synchronized to within at least one millisecond.




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