Dispositif et systeme d'ancrage, pour un implant intervertebral, implant intervertebral et instrument d'implantation

Anchoring device and system for an intervertebral implant, intervertebral implant and implantation instrument


The present invention relates to various embodiments of anchoring devices for intervertebral implants, intervertebral implant and implantation of instrumentation, sharing the characteristic to cooperate with the anchoring device (1) comprising a body comprising at least one curve, rigid plate (10) elongated along a longitudinal axis (L) so that its front end enters at least one vertebra while its rear end remains in the passage (21) of the implant (2) by pressing said implant (2) against said vertebra with at least one retaining stop (14), the device (1) being characterized in that the plate (10) comprises at least one longitudinal slot (11) separating at least one posterior portion of the plate (10) into two branches (12, 13) which at least one comprises at least one withdrawal stop (15) configured to retain the device (1) in the implant (2).




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