Systems and methods for label creation using object recognition

Systemes et procedes pour la creation d'etiquettes au moyen d'un programme de reconnaissance d'objets


Systems and methods create labels (32) and include a mobile device (22) including communication circuitry (33), an imaging device (26), an object recognition application (28), and a label creation application (20). A label printer (30) includes printer memory (54) and printer communication circuitry (38). The object recognition application is configured to analyze an image of a device taken by the imaging device (26) and generate device data for the device in the image. The label creation application the uses the device data to automatically populate at least a portion of a label data entry screen. Once the label data entry screen is populated, the label creation application creates a print job and, via the mobile device communication circuitry (33), communicate the print job to the label printer (30) to print at least one label sized specifically for the device.




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