Un contenant de conditionnement d'accessoires d'automobile

A packaging container for car accessories


A packaging container for a product including: a bottom tray including a base wall and a tray wall extending around the periphery of the base wall; a sleeve member supported on the bottom tray and extending along the periphery of the base wall such that the bottom tray and sleeve member together define a volume having an upper opening for accommodating the product, the sleeve member having a lower edge portion secured to the base wall by a securing arrangement; wherein the securing arrangement includes at least one aperture provided in the lower edge portion of the sleeve member, at least one clip member located along an inner face of the tray wall, the clip member including a shoulder for engaging a respective said aperture, and at least one abutment member located adjacent the clip member for abutting the lower edge portion of the sleeve member and maintaining the lower edge portion in an engaged position with the clip member.




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